About Global Wealth

The Global Indian is at the heart of the Narendra Modi led government’s reforms agenda. As India shifts gears to get up to speed with this sea-change in the economic aspirations of the country, India Inc. is stepping up its own efforts to stay on course.

Our exclusive Global Wealth Management Conclave was born in London, one of the key financial hubs of the world, as a platform to take on board the increasingly global aspect of Indian wealth management. The brand has since established itself as a crucial tool to stay on top of regulatory changes, new tax structures and sift through the jargon that can often prove confusing when it comes to balancing worldwide norms.

From London, it is only natural that we spread the net wider across other financial hubs such as New York and Singapore. This site is designed as a focal point for all the wealth management traffic from across the globe and an easily navigable space to present a more holistic picture of an often fragmented issue.