Ultra high net worth Indians Make a Global mark

01-May-2015 #IIJ,#Globalwealth Source: India Inc

Political and economic fluctuations will make it harder than ever to predict investor sentiment and the resulting wealth flows in 2015. Here are some wealth distribution trends covering almost 100 countries and over 100 cities. Mumbai did not quite make the top league but was not too far behind the likes of Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

In terms of luxury properties, it ranked 15 ahead of Dubai and Miami in the analysis courtesy global consultancy Knight Frank. Analysts believe elections in India last year have sparked opportunities for more economic growth. India has seen a 166 per cent rise in Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) over the past decade, and with the new Indian government commanding a majority in the Lower House for the first time in three decades, there is real opportunity to introduce far more transparency. That in turn will boost foreign investment. Wealth Insight forecasts a 104 per cent increase in India’s UHNWIs over the next decade.gwm_infographic-01-01-01-01
























































conclave_logo_WEALTH_FINAL-02-04 The above article was published in India Inc‘s print edition of the India Investment Journal launched in April 2015 in conjunction with the Global Wealth Management Conclave 2015














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